donderdag 19 juli 2012

Meer speeltuinenbouw/ More playgrounds to build!

Aankomende zaterdag is het zover: we gaan weer op pad met een groep voor 10 dagen en dit keer hebben we een dubbele uitdaging! We gaan twee speeltuinen bouwen en twee dagkampen organiseren in twee verschillende plaatsen in het noorden van Moldavie. Ons team komt dit keer uit nederland en dus kan iedereen zijn nederlands weer even bijwerken (leuk voor Spiridon)! We hopen op een gezegende tijd, een goede samenwerking, een mooi eindresultaat en niet al te warm weer!
Hieronder een klein fimpje van de speeltuin die we in juni hebben gebouwd en zo te zien vermaken de kinderen zich best:

Speeltuin/ Playground in Glodeni

This Saturday we will be on the way again: a team from Holland will come and we will have a double challenge: building two playgrounds and organizing two day camps in two different places! We hope that we will have a blessed time, a nice result at the end and not to hot weather!
Above you will find a link to a small video clip about the playground we build in June. Enjoy!

zondag 15 juli 2012

Back from the camp...

The last week was full of different experiences: rain, sunshine, leaking tents, a lot of Russian preaching's and songs, meeting old friends, making new friends etc. With about 500 young people we were in the camp and everyday in the morning and in the evening we attended the "church service". The theme of the camp was "Be Holy in all the things you do". A very challenging subject to talk about since often in Moldovan churches, the holiness consists of how long your skirt is or if you are wearing a big enough head covering. But during this week in the light of the theme also the use of computer, the finding of a partner etc, were discussed.
We hope and pray that many of the youth who made an honest decision to live a holy life will be able to stick to their choice and through this changes will be seen in their families, in the churches of Moldova and in people's lives, who did not yet made a choose for God.

In between the services there was free time to play soccer etc and 1 day there was a survival organized. Out of the 5 days we were in the camp, 3 days we had some heavy rain and yes, our tent was not very anti-rain so also inside we got a fair share of the rain.....;-( But we survived!

Church service

Our survival team, when they were still clean and fresh...
Getting dirty

And more dirty...
And more dirty....

The final result!

Playing soccer in the mud

Our time in the camp finished yesterday and after sleeping a lot of hours, we are now back again in form! Coming Saturday we will go with 20 dutch people to Rezina. We will help to build a playground and to organize a kids camp. But of course we are ready to do all kind of other things too cause as said before: we need to remain flexible!

zondag 8 juli 2012


In Moldova there are always changes in the program and I must say that after living a couple of years in MD, I think I am more flexible too....So today we decided that instead of going to the office this week, we will go tomorrow with some of teenagers from Micleuseni to a camp. This camp is organised by the Pentecostal union and a big event. So we will be back on friday. Have a great week and till later!

zaterdag 7 juli 2012

The zoo in Chisinau

Yesterday we had 5 small visitors: Danu, Vera, Adriana, Lucrimarea and Evelina - some children from Paicu. It was like a big adventure for these children: travel all the way to the capital city and spend two days there! In the afternoon we went to the zoo and this was defiantly a highlight! Running around through the zoo in order to see all the animals and not miss any movement of the lion, bear or zebra etc. After 4 hours in the zoo, we went to our apartment and even going in the lift to the 3rd floor was a big experience! Than we entered the pink hallway and many ohh's and ahh's were heard. It was for them like the entered into heaven! All the nice and bright colors! Than we introduced them to the Wii and after that they had not time for anything else, anymore! In the evening the film Free Willy was again very carefully watched but towards the end slowly the eyes closed. We went to bed and guess what? At 7 we woke up to play again on the Wii! Hardly time for any breakfast ;-) At 11 o' clock the kids went home again to Paicu and probably they have a LOT to tell at home...

woensdag 4 juli 2012

Two weeks ago...

Two weeks ago we visited the village Sculeni with an outreach team. There we organized a camp for the children of the village and below is a little story about some boys that I met:

Already in the first day of the camp, Jenea (8 years) and his older brother Andrei (11 years) caught my attention. Both boys didn’t respect any rules or anything that was said by the leaders in the camp. During the games, bible lessons or handcraft time, they would get non-stop in trouble and were fighting with other children. Their speech was very dirty and I observed that the other children tried to avoid these two boys. Nearly every day when they came to the camp, they had dirty faces and hands, bear food and they were wearing clothes with holes in them. But even if they were the ideal children to have at the camp, there was one thing that made me look different at them.

Every day by the time that the children program was about to end, the boys got more quite. And when it was time for the children to receive a meal, Jenea and Andrei would be the first two to sit down and be quite in order to receive food. In less than 3 minutes they would eat all their food and it was very obvious that they were hungry every day and that they did not receive enough food or that somebody looked after them. (In the picture, Andrei is the boy in the middle).

Later in the week I visited the boy’s parents at their house. When we arrived father was drunken and mother was not home because she had gone to help a friend, father said. And although it sounded that mother was gone for a decent motive, I knew that this meant that mother had gone to drink. Both of the parents didn’t have work and this means also no income. In the last weeks several days the parents had gone to work as a day worker on the fields. For one day of cutting weeds in the burning sun, they earned 100 Lei each (total around 15$). 

Seeing the poverty and hearing how the parents are struggling to survive for themselves, I felt deeply sorry for Jenea and Andrei. They need to look after themselves. They are crying out for love and attention. They need somebody in their lives who will tell them that they are good boys, somebody who will invest in them, educate them and believes in them. Thinking about their future I only can pray and hope that God will bring change in their possibilities. I was thankful that for 4 days the boys got some good decent food but I was thinking about the question: what will Jenea and Andrei eat next week? 

zondag 1 juli 2012

De bouw in Huzun

Vanmiddag even een klein kijkje genomen bij de bouw in Huzun. Zie foto's hieronder. In de komende twee weken hopen ze het plafond te storten en dan kan daarna de binnenkant gedaan worden, de ramen en deuren etc. De kinderen uit het dorp komen iedere dag vragen wanneer het klaar is, ze zien het helemaal zitten om dagelijks een warme maaltijd te krijgen. Ook de bewoners uit het dorp zien uit naar de kerkdiensten die in dit gebouw gehouden zullen worden. Prijs de Heer voor alles wat er tot nu toe is gedaan maar laten we blijven bidden dat dit gebouwtje klaar zal komen en  een zegen zal zijn voor het dorp Huzun.

Today we took a short look at the construction of the building in the village Huzun. See pictures below. In the coming two weeks they plan to put a ceiling in and after that the inside can be done. The children from the village come every day and ask when it will be finished because they are looking forward to receive daily a hot meal. Also the people from the village are looking forward to be present at the first church service. Praise the Lord for all the work that has been done until now but lets keep rpaying that this building will be finished in a good way and a real blessing for the village Huzun.

The dinning room in the front, in the left corner the kitchen area and in the right corner the bath room.

From the back

The newly build well

Trying the water

A real Moldovan picture...