vrijdag 14 februari 2014

Ouderen in Moldavie

Veel ouderen in Moldavië hebben het moeilijk. Een klein pensioen, vergeten door hun kinderen, niemand die naar ze omkijkt etc. Omroep Max heeft gefilmd hoe verschillende ouderen de winter door brengen. Voor veel ouderen is dit de harde werkelijkheid....helaas. Zie link hieronder:

Video over ouderen in Moldavie - Omroep Max

donderdag 13 februari 2014

OM Moldavie werkt samen met de nederlandse organisatie Mensenkinderen en met hun hulp gebeuren er heel veel verschillende projecten in Moldavie. Duizenden mensen en kinderen in nood worden geholpen. Hieronder vinden jullie een link naar het laatste tijdschrift van Mensenkinderen met o.a. verhalen en foto's vanuit Moldavie. Veel lees en kijk plezier;-)

Tijdschrift Mensenkinderen Februari 2014

zondag 9 februari 2014

Get to know Larisa and pray for her!

Larisa is a 50 year old lady but while listening to her life story, I thought, how much more can a person endure? We know that the Bible tells us that God won’t give us more trials than we can handle but still…. Despite all the hardship Larisa went through, she is a warm hearted lady and tries to make the best of her situation and possibilities in life. 
Larisa faced many, many trials and even nowadays her life is still unstable. When she was born, two months later her mother died and so she grew up with her father. Her father bought himself rather some cigarettes than spend money on some cookies or candy for his children. So Larisa's childhood was not so easy.

In her 20ties she got married and because they did not have a house of themselves, Larisa and her husband would live in houses they would rent. Moving from place to place when the house owner would throw them out. Larisa got 4 children and at the moment only two of them are still at home living with her: the youngest is an 8 year old girl named Alina and her son who is 18 years old and has a problem with alcohol and smoking.

Just after her son was born, Larisa was thrown out of the house they were staying in. Larisa went to the major to ask for help but he told her to go away. As she went out of the majors office, she started to cry and while walking on the streets with her children, not knowing what to do and no place to go, a lady approached her and asked what was wrong. Larisa shared about her problem with her living situation and then the lady gave her a name of a person that had an empty house. Larisa went and asked this man and he was willing to let her stay in the empty house. The house was totally empty: no beds, no heat, no food but people from the neighborhood came and started to help her by bringing different things. After some time though the owner of the house died and his brother inherited the house. The brother was in jail and because Larisa was afraid that one day the brother would be released from jail and who knows what man he would be and what he would do if he would find out that some strangers would live in his house, she decided that once again they needed to move. She asked again around in and found another empty house for rent. 

Larisa has moved many, many times, having to start all over again every time. Until the day of today, she is staying in a place she rents. But because she has serious health problems, she cannot work and so she cannot pay the rent (20 euro per month). She told the house owner that she does not have money to pay. Until now the house owner leaves them in peace but who know what tomorrow will bring?

Larisa and Alina have been attending the local church meetings in Lozova. We see how Larisa is looking for peace and stability in live. Larisa stays strong for her daughter Alina and she wants to offer her a better life.  Every week we are encouraged to see them in church and to see how they enjoy the songs and the comforting words spoken from the Bible. Every month we are able to give Larisa a food parcel and this is also a true reason for joy for Larisa and Alina. They know that this keeps them from going hungry to bed. We pray that God will strengthen Larisa, give her health and that she will get to know Him personally!

zaterdag 8 februari 2014

Winterse groeten uit Moldavie

Hieronder vind je de link naar onze laatste nieuwsbrief. Veel leesplezier en Gods zegen!

Winter greetings from Moldova

Below you will find the link to our latest prayer letter. Enjoy reading! God bless you.

zaterdag 1 februari 2014

Snow fun!

For many people in Moldova the cold and the snow is a challenge but of course on the other hand there is also the fun side: sliding with the kids and teenagers. The faster, the better is the main opinion!;-)