vrijdag 27 februari 2015

Uitje met de tieners

Vandaag een uitje naar Chisinau met de tieners. Sommigen stonden al zeker een uur voor vertrek klaar zodat ze er zeker van waren dat ze het uitje niet zouden missen. Er was weer veel te zien in Chisinau (hondjes met een jasje aan, elektrische trolleybussen, overal stoplichten, etc.) en ook was er weer van alles te beleven natuurlijk (roltrappen, glazen lift in de shoppingmall, kranen met sensoren, blaasapparaten om je handen te drogen, etc).
Voor alle tieners was het de eerste keer dat ze gingen bowlen. Het was even oefenen maar daarna gingen de scores snel omhoog. Ook het eten van een kebab was voor velen een nieuw menu! Als afsluiting van het uitje zijn we 's middags naar de bios geweest. Al met al was het geslaagd uitje en de tieners hebben een mooie herinering.

donderdag 26 februari 2015

Nastea en Gheorghe

Vandaag een bezoekje gebracht aan Nastea en Gheorghe in het kindertehuis. Ze waren blij ons te zien en ook al waren de nieuwe kleren die we voor ze hadden meegenomen iets aan de grote kant, het mocht de pret niet drukken.
Na even gekletst te hebben, kregen we de indruk dat het best goed met ze gaat. Ze vinden het eten nog steeds erg lekker. Nastea heeft 10 dagen in het ziekenhuis doorgebracht maar nu is ze weer terug in het kindertehuis. Hun haar begint alweer te groeien en ze zijn al goed gewend aan hun nieuwe woonplek. Helaas hebben ze in de afgelopen 3 weken geen bezoek gehad.
Gheorghe vertelde dat hij af en toe betrokken is bij vechtpartijtjes maar Nastea gedraagt zich prima. Naar eigen zeggen, is de school leuker dan in Micleuseni en ook hun resultaten zijn beter. Gheorghe mist zijn moeder maar Nastea niet zo.
Aan het eind van het bezoek nog even met ze gebeden en daar was het weer tijd om afscheid te nemen.
We blijven voor deze twee mooie kinderen bidden!

maandag 23 februari 2015

23 February - Menday!

Today there was a special gathering for men in the cafenea in Lozova.
The place was packed as men from Micleuseni, Huzum and Lozova gathered to celebrate their serving in the army in earlier years but of course their was also some special music for them, a preaching about why men was created and at the end some men food: pizza with juice;-)
Let's pray that God will work in the hearts and families of the men that came.


Lozova has around 6000 people.
We pray that God will bless this people and we hope that they will open their hearts for Him.
This week we are praying also that all will go well with making the documents to buy a piece of land in the middle of the village. May God build His church in Lozova!

woensdag 18 februari 2015

Family time in Chisinau!

Today we went with a group of 120 people (60 couples) to Chisinau. It was quite a organisation to transport so many people, serve them a meal and take them bowling. But praise the Lord, all went well and we are safe back home again. We want to thank you for your prayers and we keep praying that the Word that was spoken will have a positive effect in the families. Below some pictures of the day:

We started with some songs.
The first seminar with some interviews about Christian family life

After the lunch break, another session about the gift of God to men: family.

Bowling for the first time
Greetings from all!

maandag 16 februari 2015

Warm blessings for the village Lozova

Today we were able to deliver to 6 households in Lozova firewood. Praise the Lord for these blessings. We hope and pray that this wood will help the families to stay warm but also that they will experience this gift as a warm and caring gift from God.

Loading the fire wood: hard work.
As you can see near the front door the last wood this family had to heat their house.
God provided firewood for the rest of the winter months.
Unloading the wood
She doesn't know what to say and is caught by surprise.

Tieners in Micleuseni

Afgelopen zaterdag was het weer zover: tienerclub. Het aantal tieners dat komt varieert per keer maar zo'n 6-10 tieners komen elke week. In de afgelopen weken hebben we verschillende thema's bestudeerd zoals: het leven van Jezus op aarde, Jezus dood, Jezus opstanding en afgelopen zaterdag hebben we de vraag beantwoord, hoe kun je het eeuwig leven krijgen? Misschien door goede werken te doen en het houden van de 10 geboden? Of is geloven in Jezus genoeg? Aan het eind van de studietijd hebben we met elkaar Joh 3:16 gelezen:
Want God heeft zoveel liefde voor de tieners in Micleuseni, dat Hij Zijn enige Zoon heeft gegeven; zodat ieder die in Hem gelooft, niet verloren gaat maar eeuwig leven heeft.

We bidden dat de tieners zullen weten dat God van hen houdt, Zijn Zoon voor hen heeft gegeven en dat de tieners in Hem zullen geloven en eeuwig zullen leven met Hem!

woensdag 11 februari 2015

Firewood in Lozova

Last Monday we were able to bless 25 families in Lozova with firewood to heat their houses. While visiting families in the weeks before, many of them shared that they had wood left for 1 week or even less, just a couple of days. Praise God that this wood came just in time. Coming Saturday we hope to help another 10 families. One of the ladies we gave wood is named Ana.

She is a 30 year old mother of two children. She has a son in the first class and her daughter is attending the kindergarten. For some months we have seen Ana and her children coming to church on Sundays. We also observed that Ana knows all the songs and she knows how to get around in the Bible but we never got to talk to her and hear her story. Neither did we know what kind of conditions she lived in and who is part of her family.
As we dropped of the firewood and a food parcel, she invited us into her house. There we met her father, who has been blind for the last 25 years. Ana looks after him. His wife died nearly 30 years ago and so he raised his son and Ana by himself. He is an intellectual man and he wrote poems for children and illustrated his own children book, (which is used nowadays at the local school in Lozova to teach the children). Ana’s father made sure that both Ana and her brother went to university and both of them graduated.

After we introduced ourselves to Ana’s father, we saw another bed in the small room and there Ana’s 93 year old aunt was sleeping. Ana has been taking care of her aunt for years.

Ana’s husband left her 4 years ago and since then she is raising her children by herself and also looking after her blind father and her aunt. The financial situation of this family is of course very difficult but due to Ana’s effort, the house is clean, warm and there is peace in the family. Her children are not growing up with all kind of luxury but they do have a mother who loves them and educates them. Many poor families can take an example from this family. We pray that God will strengthen Ana and continue to make her a blessing for her father, aunt and children. Of course Ana was very thankful for the firewood and the food parcel she received. A big blessing for her household.

dinsdag 10 februari 2015

Piece of land for church in Lozova

This week we are trying to buy a piece of land in the middle of the village of Lozova (see picture). We would appreciate your prayers for all the paperwork to go smoothly (not sure of this ever happens in Moldova but God can work miracles...). Thank you for your prayers as we take the first steps in this (huge) new project/ challenge.

zaterdag 7 februari 2015

More food parcels and visits in Lozova

Julia and her mother Sorina used to come to church but we haven't seen them in a long time. So time for a visit! Julia was happy to see us and hugged all of us as a welcome. After that she showed her new glasses and said that now she sees much better. When I asked why they di not come anymore to church, mother answered that grandfather, who lived with them and always shouted at us when we would visit, has died and so they were busy with the funeral and all the orthodox traditions that need to be done. We  hope that they will start to come to church again and we continue to pray for this family.

Another family we visited is Nastea and her boys. One boy was a school and so George en Levi were helping their mother in the house as we arrived. Nastea's husband left her behind and went to fight in the Ukraine. She hasn't heard from him in months. We invited the family to come to church and we left them some tracts. We pray that they will get to know God as their Father.

Tanea is a mother of two children. Her husband allows her to come to church but doesnt want to come with her. So together with her two children Tanea has been attending for some months the church. Tanea has major health problems and very often she is hardly able to walk but for the sake of the children, she will go on even doing the work on her knees. We pray for healing for her and we pray that this family will get to know God as their Savior.

woensdag 4 februari 2015

Food parcels in Lozova

Today we brought a food parcel to Mr ? in Lozova. We don't know his name and he wasn't very open to talk. We told Mr ? that God loves him and watches over him. He invited us in his house and there we saw how he is living. No heating system, no windows, no water, no food...just 1 broken bed. Together with Spiridon Mr ? checked out what was in the parcel and he seemed happy. He asked if he could have our phonenumber, in case he needs something. May God watch over Mr ? and hopefully we will be able to help and bless him more in the future.
Also Vasile was blessed with a food parcel. Vasile is 5 years old and hardly says any word. He has a speaking disability and we pray that as he starts to attend the kindergarten he will be developing his speech. Vasile and his mother come to the church as often as they can. Vasile's mother is very weak and she hardly doesn't have energy but when she feels good she comes to church and brings Vasile with her. He was very shy from the beginning but slowly we get more contact and we pray that God will heal Vasile and his mother Eugenia. Eugenia was left by her husband and so she has to raise Vasile by herself and without having any energy herself, no work and also no income, life is not easy. May God bless this family with all the need and especially we pray that they will get to know our heavenly father.

dinsdag 3 februari 2015

Nieuwsbrief februari 2015

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maandag 2 februari 2015

Newsletter February 2015

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Afgelopen zaterdag hebben we Gheorghe en Nastea opgezocht in het kindertehuis waar ze nu verblijven. Gheorghe vertelde dat hij het prima naar zijn zin had: 2x per ochtend eten ze en 's avonds eten we ook 2x! En het eten is ook erg lekker, volgens Gheorghe! Verder is het warm in huis en er is ook heeel veel speelgoed! Vol trots liet hij ons ook zijn nieuwe kleren zien (omdat Gheorghe en Nastea luizen en vlooien hadden zijn al hun eigen kleren weggegooid en zijn ze ook allebei kaalgeschoren). Hij benadrukte ook nog even dat hij tot nu toe nog niet is gepest door anderen. Ook een mooi pluspunt!
Nastea was helaas niet in het kindertehuis. Net diezelfde ochtend was ze naar het ziekenhuis gebracht want ze hoest veel en heeft hoge koorts. Dus nadat we even met Gheorghe hadden gekletst, zijn we ook nog even naar het ziekenhuis gegaan. Daar was het even zoeken maar wie zoekt, die vindt! Nastea verblijft op de afdeling infecties en moet waarschijnlijk een weekje in het ziekenhuis blijven. Ook met haar hebben we even gekletst en ja, zij was ook positief over haar nieuwe woonplek, het eten en de warmte. Ze was ook blij dat ze met haar broer in 1 huis woont want dan kan hij haar beschermen en het voor haar opnemen.
Kortom, in de ogen van Gheorghe en Nastea is hun nieuwe woonplek een stap vooruit.