woensdag 25 juni 2014

A new adventure...

The time for a new adventure has come! The day after tomorrow we will build again the raft and float down the Nistru River. We hope and pray that during our journey we will meet many kids, youth, adults and elderly with whom we can share about Gods love! Please pray with us for:
- Gods guidance as we spend time in different villages, organizing different programs for children, youth and deliver food parcels to the poor.
- Wisdom as we lead the team
- Safety, health and enough energy!
- Nice, sunny and dry weather!!

maandag 23 juni 2014

Sports camp this week...

This week 14 boys from Micleuseni and Huzum are attending the sports camp organized by OM. Many of the boys went maybe 1 or 2 times to church in their lives but they dont know much about God. We are excited that this week they are at this Christian camp and every day they will hear about God! Please pray that their hearts will be touched and lives will be changed forever!

The orange guys are "ours"! May the best team win this week;-) 

zondag 22 juni 2014

Camels at the Sunday school today!

This Sunday I was teaching two times the story of Issac getting a wife. In the morning I told the children in Micleuseni and in the afternoon in Lozova the story about how Abram send his servant to get a wife for Isaac and how the servant was guided by God and found Rebecca.

After the story is finished we normally play a game in which I ask questions about the story to see if the kids listened well. So also this time I asked one guy: what did you learn from the story? He replied:
"I should be generous because Abrams servant also gave a ring and some bracelets to Rebecca".

Oke, this is maybe not the main point to learn from this story but oke, it is a good lesson to learn.
After that another guy puts up his hand and he says: "I learned that I should not marry a women that worships idols!!!!". It was a bit hard not to laugh at the guy since he is only 12 years old!

Anyway, praise God for the kids we can invest in and lets pray that the Words planted in their hearts will bear fruit!

vrijdag 13 juni 2014

Kids camp = finished

Today we came back home from the kids camp. 85 children enjoyed a small week of fun with many different activities:

Gymnastics in the morning
Every morning the bible lesson was presented in skit (in the picture Goliath)

Bible lessons in small groups

Game time!

Hand crafts in the afternoon

Ionel and his brother Sergei waiting in line for the trampoline

Every afternoon 15 minutes in the swimming pool (A good guideline to know when it is time for the children to go out of the water: when the lips of the children have a blue color;-) 

Thanks to all who prayed for the camp! We look back upon a blessed week and are thankful that all went well! All the children had a great experience and many of them will remember this week as a week in which they felt special, had a lot of fun and played many crazy games;-) Praise God!

woensdag 4 juni 2014

Nieuwsbrief / Newslettter

De zomeractiviteiten gaan bijna beginnen dus tijd voor een update over het werk en een paar verse gebedspunten;-) Hieronder vind je de link naar de nieuwsbrief:

Nieuwsbrief Juni 2014

The summer activities are about to start so time for an update about the work and some fresh prayerpoints:-) See below for the link to the newsletter:

Newsletter June 2014

dinsdag 3 juni 2014

Kids camp preparations

Just a few days are left until we will go on camp with the children from Huzum, Micleuseni, Lozova, Nisporeni, Calimanesti and Coresti. We are thankful that we will be able to organize this camp for the approx 100 children. Coming Sunday afternoon we will travel to Calarasi and there the fun will start! We will be from Sunday afternoon till Friday morning in the camp.

We would like to ask your prayers for the camp. Some special requests:

- Pray for the children who would like to come to the camp but their parents don't allow them to come. May God change these situations and make it possible for the children to enjoy one short week at the camp. In the last week I talked with different parents trying to see what can be done to get their permission but so far they did not change their minds. Please pray for Gods wisdom and guidance as we will try to speak with some parents on Thursday again.
Madelina, 8 years, cant come to the camp
because somebody needs to stay at home and watch the animals.
Her father is in Moscow and mother works  every day on the fields. 

Lilia, 8 years, is not allowed to come because she didn't have good marks at school
and so her mother punishes her by not let her go to the camp.
(I doubt that other ever helped Lilia to make her homework as mother herself never finished school)

Luminita, 7 years, needs to stay home to watch her nephew (3 years) and niece (4 years).
Her mother works on the fields and is only home in the evenings.

- Pray for energy for the leaders. (After a week full of activities we could use some time to rest....but time is short and there are still things to do...)

- Please pray for the last things that still need to be prepared. Pray that we won't forget anything important.

- Please pray for safe travels to the camp and safety during the camp.

- Pray for good weather.

- Pray for the children that will come to the camp, that they will get to know our Father better!

We appreciate your prayers and look forward to have a blessed week!

zondag 1 juni 2014

A busy week....

During the last week we had a team of students from a Bible School in Switserland, with us in Micleuseni. Every day different activities were on the program and we look back upon a blessed week.

One day we went to the elderly home in Micleuseni. Until now we did not have the permission from the director  to visit the elderly but this time she agreed for us to come, if we brought for all the 22 elderly a soap.

On Thursday afternoon the first official soccer training took place and around 40 boys came. Praise the Lord! We are praying that God will soften the heart of the mayor so we can get his permission to use the field but so far he is not willing to work with us.

Twice we were able to serve practically by working on the fields: cutting weeds. For many a new experience....

During rainy and muddy times, we could not work practically so we went to visit different families with food parcels in Lozova, Huzum, Micleuseni and Nisporeni.
And of course every day we did a program at the Day Centre in Huzum. Many smiley faces were seen! Praise God!
Of course all the translating, organizing, running around made us tired so we are very much going to enjoy our free day tomorrow! But we praise God for the last week!