vrijdag 31 oktober 2014

Verbouwingen in Lozova

Afgelopen week is er druk gebouwd in Lozova. De extra ruimte bij de kerk begint nu echt vorm aan te nemen. Het is wind, regen en sneeuw vrij. Dus deze winter kunnen we de ruimte gebruiken voor kinder en jeugdwerk! Prijs de Heer!

zaterdag 18 oktober 2014

Make a choice now, to spend eternal life with God later

This week in Micleuseni the villagers are talking about 2 funerals that took place this week. One boy, 19 years old, died in an accident. He had been drinking and together with his 4 friends, he was in an car accident. He died, 3 of his friends ended up in the hospital, 1 friend didn't have any injuries. Many, many people came to the funeral and paid their respect.
Also this week a former teacher of the local school died. She passed away in her sleep and today is the funeral.
An Orthodox funeral comes with many traditions, habits, expenses and stress to get everything done in time. There is a lot to organize and to think about. We pray for the families, that God may comfort them and that through these hard times they will draw closer to Him.

Last night it was youth night and since also the youth is talking about what has happened, we decided to talk a bit about the subject: life after death, eternity. Through a game we debated about some questions like: is heaven real? How does heaven look like? How can you get to heaven?
Together we watched the film: heaven is for real and we hope and pray that through the discussions, the film and our encouragement to think about their eternal destiny, they will take eternity seriously and will make a choice now, to spend eternal life with God later.

zaterdag 11 oktober 2014

Teenager meeting nr 2!

This afternoon we had our second teenager meeting. Praise the Lord we are growing in number of participants, this time we had 11 boys. (I am wondering where the girls are?? = prayer point). But of course more important than numbers, we also gained more knowledge about the Bible and God Himself. We learned that Gods Word is: Powerful, Practical, Personal, Productive and Profitable = 5xP.

We pray that God will keep working in the lives and families of: Costea, Danu, Vasea, Seriosa, Costica, Ion, Vlad, Valeras, Samuel, Vasile and Sergei. May God bless these boys!

vrijdag 10 oktober 2014

Doctors, home visits and construction in Lozova

This week again a very good use of time! From 9 in the morning till sometimes even 9 in the evening we were busy doing many different activities! 
Monday and Tuesday we helped translating for some medical people from Canada and the UK. I discovered that for translating doctors, you actually need a whole different vocabulary but we tried in the best way to describe the different pains and treatments etc. All the people that came to the church to see the doctors, got their blood pressure checked, received some advice and/ or medicine but most important we prayed with all the people. May God give the people spiritually health but also physically. 
Together with nurse Rose from the UK,
we tried to help around 60 people with different health problems. 

Teaching some stretching activities for a healthy lifestyle

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we were reaching out in the village Lozova. We visited 10 families/ elderly with food parcels and encouraged them in their, often very hard, situations. We invited them to come to church so that together we can learn more about God and grow closer to Him.

Nadea is in her 70ties and she lives by herself. She has different health problems and with nobody coming to help her or to talk to her, life is hard and without a lot of joy.
While we visited the different families, others of the team worked hard to help finish the extra room at the back of the house, where we meet as a church. The ceiling got put in and after some hard work also the windows got put together. Hopefully next week the windows will be put in place and lets also pray that we can find a good electrician who can help to install the different cables and plugs etc. We would like to see the room finished before real winter starts!

Spiridon is trying to put the windows together....

End result for this week....

zondag 5 oktober 2014

A new ministry started

Last Saturday we started a new ministry: a teenager club. So far 4 boys and 1 girl came. We noticed that for the kids between 10 and 13 years there is nothing to interesting to do. They are too old for the Sunday school program and to young for the youth meetings so we decided to start a new group! We are excited and pray that next Saturday even more teenagers will come..... but until than we pray for Danu, Ion, Samuel, Vlad, Liuba and Costea!

zaterdag 4 oktober 2014

Spiridon in the OM news

Slavic, one of the boys from the story
This week on the OM international website a story was published about Spiridon reaching out to two small boys.

See link below:

Story about two boys