woensdag 29 februari 2012



A quick note to let you all know that we are doing fine in Bangkok. We had a good trip but the 7 hours waiting in India for the next plane were not the most fun....and they seemed to never end...But we got here!
we had two days of Joshua Journey and this was good. We got introduced to the others and started the course with different sessions to get to know each other and OM better.
On sunday evening the International Leaders Meeting started and with another 330 unknown people around us, we can say that sometimes we feel a bit lost but we set as a goal to just get to know each day some "strange"  people and until now we met some really nice people....building the networks for later!

We have two more days and than we will move from the nice hotel with the swimming pool to somewhere else in Bangkok (if we can find the place cause Bangkok is defiantly not like Chisinau or Grijpskerke!)
Anyway, to make you all a bit jealous see the picture below and warm greetings from Thailand!

woensdag 15 februari 2012

One more day of work...

Just one more day of work and than we will pack our bag and off we go!!! Our "trip around the world" will start on friday, than we hope to fly to NL. We pray that the weather will be fine cause the last days and night we have had some serious snow....
On wednesday the 22nd we fly to Bangkok and will be there until the 7th of March. First we attend the start of the training called Joshua Journey and after that we will be present at the ILM (International Leaders Meeting of Operation Mobilisation).
And as a little treat we will have a couple of days holiday to relax until the max! On the 7th we fly back to NL and than on the 13th we head again to Moldova.

We both are looking forward to what will happen, the new experiences we will have and we hope to enjoy every minute of this trip! But first we still have the day of tomorrow ahead of us and a bunch of things on our to-do-lists so until we fly, may God help us to finish well here...

maandag 13 februari 2012

Message from Eugen, from Bucharesti:

Every day brings something new, well, it brought us more pain, this time in Dana's back. They administrate some more pain relief now, but our prayer is that the Lord would take away the pain without the need of medicine. Tomorrow we will start the chemotherapy, so let's see what tomorrow will bring. 
Thank you Lord for today! Thank you for your prayers!

Let us keep praying for Dana and Eugen!

zondag 12 februari 2012

Table tennis

Last Saturday we had a table tennis championship in micleuseni. We told the teenagers from the church to invite their friends to come and some invited friends, others were a bit more shy to invite their friends to church but at the end a small championship took place....mostly teenagers from the church but also some of their non-christian friends came. Below some pictures....Let's pray that the teenagers who listened to the message that was spoken at the end, will think about it and that God will work in their hearts.

donderdag 9 februari 2012

Urgent prayer needed / Gebed nodig

Yesterday I wrote how thankful I am to be so blessed by God with all I need. Today we received the following message about our friend Dana:

 Today Dana wrote me (Eugen) an SMS with following verse: Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again”(Psalm 71:20). This happened after we found out the followings. In the last few days beside her knee’s pain, she started to have a headache, being dizzy and vomiting. Today we went to have a blood test, it turned out that her thrombocytes are really low, her leucocytes really high and a few blast cells again, it means that we lost the remission again.
   Tomorrow early in the morning we will fly to Bucharest to be urgent hospitalize. It seams that we will start another chemotherapy and we have to look for an URGENT bone marrow donor.
  Would you please keep us in your prayers!
Pray for:
·        a safe trip (especially with Dana’s health condition);
·       God’s strength for Dana;
·       A donor to be found as fast as possible;
·       Us.
Thank you again for being close!

This short message made me again realize that many people are suffering and need help. Dana and Eugen needs our prayers and so please remember them in your prayers and let us trust that God will work in His time.

woensdag 8 februari 2012

Help for people in need/ Hulp voor mensen in nood

While working on some reports about the ministry OM Moldova is involved in this winter, distributing food parcels to people in need, I got the following story on my screen:

This man has lived on his own for many years. He has never been married and doesn’t have any children. Many years ago he came to Moldova from Russia, and just last year he became an official resident of Moldova. The house in which he lives on his own has no lights and no way of heating it up. When I went to him I found him at home alone in a room where he had nothing, he was just sitting there hungry. He has a fear of fire and so he never lights a fire even though it gets as cold as minus 26C in Moldova. He goes to the nearest town Cahul which is 16 km by foot, when I asked him why he goes by foot and not on the bus he said he does it often so that he doesn’t  freeze. He was so happy to receive a food packet and we spoke to him about God, we asked him if we could visit him again and tell him more about God he said would love to have us visit again. He is not the only person who lives like this in Moldova, he is one of many! 

This story made me realize again that God blessed me so much. I might not live in warmest house but I do not freeze. I have food every day, I am not lonely but surrounded by husband, friends and family. I am healthy and can go to work every day. I pray that God will take care of the needs of all those people in MD that are lacking something so necessary. And may God help me and all of us, to share from what we are blessed with!

vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Visa for bangkok = received!

YES, we got the visa for Bangkok this afternoon!

AND Spiridon also got his new Romanian birth certificate so this means that Spiridon is now 3 times born! ;-)
With this certificate he can apply for a Romanian passport and so just some more paperwork and more stamps and more patience and he will be free to travel in Europe as much as he wants!

Thank you for praying with us and for us!

woensdag 1 februari 2012

Winter has really come in Moldova

The temperatures have dropped in Moldova and since a week or 2 we have very cold weather (between -10C and -20C this week). In our house it got colder too and for example the window in the kitchen got frozen and for the last 2 weeks nobody can look in the house or outside! Also every morning we struggle to get the car started and so every morning we have our daily physical exercise and push the car down the street to get it started....
But these things are just small struggles compared to the hundreds of elderly people and poor families who live in the villages and do not have enough wood to heat their houses. They live in cold, day and night.
Please pray for these people, pray that they will find somewhere a place where they can be warm and protected from the freezing cold.