dinsdag 19 augustus 2014

Zomers nieuws uit Moldavie / Summer news from Moldova

De zomer is bijna voorbij en dus is het tijd voor een nieuwe nieuwsbrief. Hieronder vind je de link:

Nieuwsbrief Augustus 2014


The summer has passed and so it is time for a new newsletter. See below for the link:

Newsletter August 2014

maandag 18 augustus 2014

Back to Amerika

This morning we brought Spiridons sister with her two children to the airport. After 3 months in Moldova it was time to go home again. May God bless them! Bye bye!

zondag 17 augustus 2014

Lozova = under construction

Two weeks ago we started to enlarge the house we gather in as a church in Lozova. The room where we gather with the children is small and we need more space. So with help of a Canadian team we were able to make a start with constructing an extra room in the back of the house. Originally there was a veranda but it was falling apart. So far a new back wall was build, a new roof was placed at the back of the house and this week we hope to place the windows and an entrance door.
We pray that God will provide in the finances to put in the floor and finish the walls. If you would like to help financially, feel free to send an email;-) And of course prayer support is very welcome too!! We pray that God will bless the work and help us to finish the extra room so it can be used to work with the children.

The house we use as a church

Old veranda at the back of the house

Start of building the new back wall

The extra room so far
Inside view of the new room - except that the room is cleared out this last week
and it is ready to receive a new concrete floor

zondag 10 augustus 2014

Playground in Soldanesti

Last week, together with a German team, we were able to construct a playground in the park in the town Soldanesti, in the north of Moldova. While building many people of the town came by and asked what was going on and why we build the playground. So we were able to talk with many people about our love for God. Besides the construction project we also organized kids programs and between 50 and 90 children attended every day. Also again we visited families in need and blessed them with a food parcel but more important with an encouraging word from God!

vrijdag 1 augustus 2014


We want to thank you for your prayers! We look back upon two blessed days in Lozova. Together with the team from Canada, we were able to visit several families and bring them a food parcel and pray with them. Also we started to construct an extra room at the house we gather on Sundays. And yesterday afternoon we had a kids program at the local soccer field. Around a 100 children turned up and they all received a bag with school supplies. Immediately after the kids program, there was a meeting for adults and parents of the children. The Gospel was shared and the 30 people that came all received a food parcel. Praise God that all the work went smoothly and we continue to pray that the Words that were spoken will bear fruit. We invited everybody to come coming Sunday at 15 hour to the church!