zaterdag 26 april 2014

A day in the forest with the youth...

Today we had a day in the forest with the youth: games and bbq! Praise God all went well!
Some people are really active in collecting wood for the bbq!

Team building activities

Oh no, she stepped on a mine!

Balloon shooting

How do you use these things???
Just lower the stickk, seems so easy!

Watch out!!
Swinging across the crocodiles

Lunch time!

donderdag 24 april 2014

Business with the youth from Micleuseni

Last October when we moved to Micleuseni, we suggested the following plan to the youth from Micleuseni: as a youth group we would work the garden around our house:
- Half of the garden we would plant watermelons for us to eat during summertime,
- In the other half of the garden we would grow white beans and these we would sell and with that money we could go and eat pizza or go bowling or.....etc. etc.
The youth agreed and quickly they calculated that they needed only 3 days to work and than the money and watermelon would be there: day 1 - digging, day 2 - planting, day 3 - harvest.
We will see how the above working schedule will turn out in reality....;-)

For us the main goal behind this plan is to give the youth something else to do than sitting behind the computer every free minute. But for most of the youth the juicy watermelon and the $$$ we will make with selling the white beans is the motivation to start our business. So far we are at day 2 of the working schedule:

Day 1: In October we worked one day in the garden near our house. Hard work all the digging but we had fun. (For the part we did not manage to dig we hired a small tractor last month....;-)

Day 2: Today we planted the watermelon seeds and the white beans.

Lunch for hard working people

Now we just need to wait for Working Day 3 to come....All is under control!

maandag 21 april 2014

Easter weekend = over....

So this was our Easter weekend:
On Saturday we were busy with helping make the traditional Easter bread at Spiridons parents house

The result is great of course!
On Sunday morning we celebrated Easter at church and we sang many songs!

On Monday we went to the forest with the people from the churches in Nisporeni, Micleuseni, Huzum and Lozova. We enjoyed the fresh air, fellowship and sunshine!

donderdag 17 april 2014

Easter weekend!

Yesterday it was a special day for the children in Huzum. A group OM-ers came from Chisinau and presented a very nice Easter program with games, an Easter song, a puppet theater, a sketch board and a handcraft. Normally for many of the children it is very hard to pay attention and behave for more than 10 minutes but this time for over 40! minutes the 30 children participated without making trouble! 
A true miracle!

We pray that all they have heard about the Easter story will remain in their hearts!

dinsdag 15 april 2014

Brother Nicu

Nicu and his wife Veronica
Brother Nicu is leading the church in Micleuseni and overseeing the work in the villages Lozova, Huzum and Dolna. Since some time Nicu has problems hearing and after a seeing a doctor, he got advised to purchase hearing aids. Of course this is not cheap and so any help is welcome. For more info, see the link below:

zondag 13 april 2014

Seed potatoes in Lozova

Today we blessed 25 families with a bag of seed potatoes. And while Andrian, Cristina and Dima were waiting for a car to bring their potatoes home, they used their bag as a comfortable seat!

We continue to see how God is working in Lozova. But we also see how it is getting harder and harder for people to stand firm and not be affected by what others say or what the priest tells them.

Let's keep the village Lozova in our prayers.

woensdag 9 april 2014

Another washing machine

Today we had a bit of a challenge: we thought of a family to give the last washing machine to but we didn't now if the family had a machine or not. It is a bit strange if you go to a family and just ask: do you have a washing machine? A very unusual question.... So our challenge was to figure out through casual conversation if they had a washing machine. As we were driving to the family I prayed that God would help me to find the right words and that it would be clear if it was good to give the machine to this family. When we arrived the 3 small kids were playing outside. We chatted a bit with them and than I went inside the house and started to talk with grandmother. And our chat went like this:
Me: Hello, how are you doing?
Grandma: Hello, I am oke, just a bit tired, I washed some clothes this morning.
Me: Do you wash by hand or do you have a machine?
Grandma: By hand cause the washing machine is broken and old.

And so I got the confirmation from God right at the being of our visit! We stayed some more and chatted about life and faith and how people always talk about other people etc. We prayed for the family and than at the end of the visit we took the washing machine and gave it to Sofia, the single mother with the 3 small children. She said: Now I will always think of you while washing clothes!

Grandmother, grandchild Cristina and mother Sofia

Cristina (4 years) , Dima (5 years) and Andrian (2 years)

maandag 7 april 2014

Voorjaarsnieuws uit MD / Springnews from MD

Below the link to our latest newsletter:

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Hieronder vind je de link naar onze nieuwe nieuwsbrief:

zondag 6 april 2014

Evanglism with seed packages

Today after the church service the people that attended received a seed package with 10-15 different kinds of vegetable seeds. We pray that besides these vegetable seeds also the WORD that was spoken will bear much fruit! May God bless all the people that came to the different services in Micleuseni, Huzum, Lozova and Nisporeni.

Busy weekend

On Friday night we were able to take around 50 youth to Chisinau to an evangelism meeting. We keep praying that the Word that was spoken will bear fruit!

On Saturday another excursion trip took place. This time we took the children that attend the church in Lozova and Micleuseni. I think they now know us at: the zoo, the pizza place and the circus;-)

woensdag 2 april 2014

Moldavie in het Nederlands Dagblad

Moldavië vreest voor annexatie Transnistrië

Moldavië vreest dat separatisten in het oosten van het land Rusland gaan vragen om de afvallige regio Transnistrië te erkennen, nu eerder dinsdag de Russische president Vladimir Poetin zijn handtekening heeft gezet onder een verdrag waarmee de annexatie van de Krim een feit is.

De Moldavische president Nicolae Timofti zei dinsdag dat Transnistrië mogelijk een verzoek tot aansluiting bij Rusland indient. Berichten dat dat al zou zijn gebeurd wees Timofti van de hand. Rusland heeft eerder gezegd de territoriale integriteit van Moldavië te respecteren.
Transnistrië scheidde zich in 1990 af van Moldavië en Rusland heeft zo’n vijftienhonderd militairen in het gebied gestationeerd. De regio wordt echter niet erkend als soevereine staat.
Timofti spreekt woensdag met de Roemeense president Traian Basescu. Die zei maandag al te vrezen dat Poetin de Sovjet-Unie nieuw leven in wil blazen en dat Moldavië een van zijn prioriteiten is.