maandag 12 november 2012

Building in Huzun nearly finished

Last weekend we were in Micleuseni and on Sunday afternoon we went to the village Huzun to see how the building project was going. As you can see on the pictures, the building is nearly finished. Also while talking with brother Nicu, we hope that before the winter really starts, we can start using the building to feed the children of this village.
Every week they come and ask when their Day Centre is going to be opened so they can receive a hot meal, enjoy some warmth and enjoy an atmosphere of love and respect. They want to receive attention and education from an adult who is not drunk or shouts at them.
Also the elderly in the village are waiting for the building to be opened so they can come on Sunday's to the church service and hear about God (and enjoy the heat too because in their houses often they don't have wood to make a fire).
We hope and pray that also with the finances it will all be oke. As it looks like there might be still a bit more needed...Please pray with us that God will provide in everything that is needed to finish the building so the poor children and elderly after waiting so long now finally can be blessed this winter and many winters after that....

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