maandag 26 januari 2015

Vlad and Slavic

Maybe you remember the story we wrote in our prayer letter in August 2014. We wrote about two small boys we met during an outreach in the north of Moldova: Vlad (7 years old) and Slavic (5 years old). The boys didn't have a happy family life. Both of the parents were drinking a lot to forget their situation, beating the boys and not looking after them the way it should. Also their grandfather, who was supposed to look after them when the parents would go out to drink, got drunk a lot and being afraid to get beaten, the boys would run away from home and spend as much time away from home as they could, hanging around on the streets by themselves, hungry and afraid.

Together with the German team, we gave the boys new clothes, shoes, food to eat, a Bible and a food parcel to take home. As we wrote in our prayer letter it was hard to leave the boys behind in their situation. But after we left, we continued to pray that God would take care of Vlad and Slavic. 

And last week we received good news! (And after seeing nearly every day so many hopeless and sad situations that do not seem to change, this news was giving us hope and courage to continue the work we do and not to give up! Situations still can change and there is still hope for children living in such dramatic situations.)

So we heard that Vlad and Slavic at the moment are living with a christian family. Their parents left them and a family who already takes care of two other children that do not have a home, opened their house for these two boys too. So now Vlad and Slavic are well dressed, live in a warm house, have daily food, are going to school and receive the care they need. Praise God for this change and praise God for the family that takes care of the boys. We pray that Vlad and Slavic will adapt well to their new situation and may God bless them and protect them!

Of course, there can be said many things about the parents who abandoned the boys. But may God have mercy on them too. Clearly they don't have any hope in life and are lost. May they find hope for the future in Him!

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