vrijdag 18 maart 2016

Fun in Huzum

Today was a day many children in Huzum waited for impatiently! At the Day Centre it was time for the toy shop! All the children had collected points in the last two months and now it was time to exchange the points for toys. There was a big collection of toys and depending on how many points children had, how many toys they were able to buy. Of course, there was a lot of excitement and happiness and we pray that the children will know that God cares for them and loves them.

The ladies and guy in the toy shop
Advising the customers 
Sergei was happy with his new fotbal
Julia was thinking for a looong time what to "buy"

Adelina was happy with her new toys 
Lilia was excited to shop in the toy shop
Madelina was very happy with her bunny-mask 
God bless the children in Huzum!

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