maandag 25 februari 2013

23 February - celebration for men!

Last Saturday we traveled to Paicu and there we were present at the first men meeting in the history of the church in Paicu. We were very curious how many men would come and to our surprise around 30 men showed up. Praise God! In a very short time we ran out of fresh air in the room and for some of the men it was fairly hard to focus because before they came to church, they had first visited the bar....
But despite these two details, the evening was blessed and the men voted in favor for another meeting next week. We pray that God will continue to bless this ministry and that these men eventually will make a choice for Christ!

Men in Huzun
Not only in Paicu the Celebration day, 23rd of February (remembering and celebrating all of those who fought or were part of the Red Army), was used to organize a meeting for men. Also in Huzun and Micleuseni meetings were organized and many men came.

We continue to pray for the village Huzun and the work that has started there. We hope to see changes in people's life and many families who will find hope for the future again.

Men in Paicu
A small game: which men is the best potato cutter?

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