woensdag 13 februari 2013

Living without hope...

Every week between 5 to 25 stories come across my computer screen while writing different reports. Stories about people in Moldova: lonely elderly people, young people looking for a better future, sick people in need of healing, children abandoned by their parents and looking for attention and love.
Every person has his own story but what the common factor is in the stories of many people living in Moldova = the lack of hope. This week I read the story of Claudia and Mihai. A very sad story....

Claudia and Mihai are two elderly who live in the village Glingeni. They are living by themselves in a house with terrible conditions. They have some children but they left to work abroad and none of them ever came back. They seem to have forgotten their parents. Four years ago Claudia turned blind due. Doctors tried to save her sight but they were not able to do anything. Three years ago Mihai, who is 81 years old, got half sided paralyzed and since then he stays in the bed and can’t really speak. Mihai has a lot of needs like adult pampers and a wheelchair. Both of them are helpless and need somebody to look after them. Until now one of their sons, paid a neighbor to prepare food for them and to help out where needed but because the son was in an accident, he can’t work anymore and so he also cannot pay anymore the neighbor to look after his parents. With the pension Claudia and Mihai receive, they pay the neighbor themselves to take care of them. The result of that is that they don’t have money left to buy wood for heating and that’s why they live in cold. They have only a few firewood left and they keep the wood for when it will get even colder. Mihai is only able to get out of bed with the help of a cable that is connected to the ceiling above his bed. Out of hopelessness, a few times Mihai tried to take his live by hanging himself with this cable. While visiting this couple, both of them cried during our visit and they both shared that they lost sense in life and have no hope for the day of tomorrow. They are very thankful for the warm meal they receive daily and the fact that somebody every day comes by to see how they are doing.

I pray for them and hope that they will find again sense in life and TRUE HOPE in Christ!

Psalm 10:17
LORD, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them.

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