donderdag 5 november 2015

Day2/3 with B4L

As the bus approached the village Huzum in the morning, the first thing we saw was a group of about 10 children waiting at the enterance of the village. They did not go to school because they had heard that the bus would come. So since early morning they waited for the bus to arrive.

After the bus got parked, we split up in two teams and went into the village to invite people to come and visit the bus. Meanwhile we were able to bless 4 families with a foodparcel and we talked with these families some more about God.

As soon as all the children came from school, the area around the bus got more crowded with children and so the bouncing castle and the trampoline were installed and the kids program started! Inside the bus the children watched a cartoon about the prodigal son and with a puppet theatre the program was closed.

 We praise God for a blessed day and we keep praying for the salavtion of the people and children from Huzum. May God bless Huzum!

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