vrijdag 13 november 2015


Today Dima was the first at the Day Centre in Huzum. He was sitting on the well, in the sun, near the enterance of the church property. He was ready for the program and one of his first questions was: are we going to color? Cause this is his favorite activity;) Dima is 5 years old and he lives with his mother and older sister Madelina (7 years). He does not go to school yet so he is by himself for a big part of the day. When his mother finds work, she is gone for the whole day and his sister has to go to school. So a lot of time Dima spends on the streets and every day when the Day Centre opens Dima is present and he enjoys the attention he gets and normally he eats two plates of food so that is something he enjoys too! May God bless Dima and his family! We would like to ask you to pray with us for the work with the children in Huzum, May God work in the hearts of the children and in their families. He knows all of them and cares for them!

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